Future of Work

"What you know is not what you knew! You are not your past, You create the future" 

Ever since I was a young boy, I've been very interested with science and technology. When I grew up I found myself following a pattern of work-home-work-home.  Making my living as a Federal employee I've had the direct experience with workplace design and talent acquisition and how it is changing.  Somewhere along my life's journey I read the signs and took a detour toward Human Capital and Talent Management.  What I found was the intersection of HR, 4th Industrial Revolution and The Future of Work.  Then, I read the book "The War on Normal People" (by Andrew Yang) and that ignited my enthusiasm to learn as much as I could on the current dynamics and how to position ourselves to win in the end.  Thus I created the WorkEconomics' response formula titled "The 5th Digital Reaction." 

I'm currently using my weekly online broadcast "The Triple Effect" to communicate as much as possible the current state of "WorkEnomics" and what we need to do to prepare to succeed with automation and robotics becoming the new-normal very soon.  I continue to strive and create awareness so we set our next generation up for success.  This is how I contribute, this is how we succeed. 


Rashid Hill

Specialist on "The Future of Work"
Founder of L3 Coaching Solutions & Author of "8 Ways to be 10x Better"
​​HOMETOWN: Tyler, Texas
Currently lives in San Diego, CA

RECENT WORK:"Work-Enomics"